Bitter Gourds

It's our favorite vegetable these days. Be it any kind of preparation, we just love bitter gourds! I've learnt varied recipes from shallow fried to deep fried and stuffed to steamed. And yes, have you tried bitter gourd pickle? Its a must, I say!! :)


Found a box full of old bobbins of sewing thread. Thinking of what to do with these....


Peeled pomegranates today, for a healthy Sunday.


The rains have begun and it time for some sea side fun. I'm sure you like a corn cob besides the windy waves and sands. You like it boiled or roasted?
I prefer a roasted one! :)
PS: Made these drawings while having boiled sweet corn kernels :D

Fabulous Figs

This week I had the first figs of this season! Very healthy, aren't they?!